Envirox™ DPF Assist One Shot –a new Fuel Treatment

Envirox™ DPF Assist One Shot is a new formulation that has been developed specifically to address these issues.

As well as the core catalyst technology it includes a strong dose of the detergent additive chemistry used by premium fuel retailers to clean fuel injectors and preserve optimal spray patterns. This single use bottle will treat a 50 litre tank of diesel fuel. It can be used to assist a DPF that is already showing signs of blockage or as part of a

regular service or maintenance programme to combat potential future blockages and improve fuel economy.




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What is Envirox™
Envirox™ fuel combustion catalyst is a scientifically and commercially proven diesel fuel additive which lowers fuel costs, by reducing fuel consumption, with a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) and other harmful exhaust emissions.

Easy to use


Envirox™ Driver Pack is a 500ml pack with a 25ml dosing chamber; you simply pour Envirox™ into your fuel tank before refuelling with diesel fuel. 25ml will treat a tank of 50-100 litres. Envirox™ will take full effect after an initial induction period, we recommend you treat at double strength for the first 3 treatments to achieve quicker results. Continue using Envirox™ to maintain performance.

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NEW Fuel Treatmentfor Particulate Filter regeneration
Envirox™ DPF Assist is a new Fuel Treatment for regenerating Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).
It is a fuel borne catalyst formulation that helps to burn off the trapped soot particles that build up in DPFs. This can alleviate the problems associated with blocking – including expensive visits to the workshop, whilst saving money by guarding against worsening fuel economy. It is easy to use, highly effective and has been thoroughly tested.
Assists DPF Unblocking »
Significantly lowers the temperature the exhaust gases need to reach to burn off the trapped soot particles in the DPF. When used at a higher dosage Envirox™ DPF Assist can help to clear a blocked DPF.
Combats Future Blocking »

Continuous use will help to combat future blockage and improve fuel economy. It will help to prevent build up of soot in urban areas where slow traffic speeds mean the exhaust gases do not reach the necessary temperature for long enough to regenerate the filter.


Easy to Use »

Simply add to your diesel fuel tank before filling up at the pump. Our convenient 500 ml bottle features a 25 ml dispensing chamber which makes it simple to add the required amount.


Saves Money»

As well as avoiding expensive garage bills, if used all the time, one 500 ml bottle of Envirox™ DPF Assist will treat 1000 litres of diesel and more than pay for itself by delivering fuel savings roughly equal to double its cost.