Reliable Service


We will deliver professional services and technical support for all of your  needs.



UNAVERA is a full service Environmental Contractor that delivers a wide range of solutions in the petroleum and chemical industry.  Our Highly skilled Project Managers, Petroleum Equipment Mechanics and Electrical Technicians are committed to deliver the highest standard of workmanship.

Our specialized services include:
Fuel Systems Consultation

We will offer our many years of experience and expertise within the industry and provide a safe and reliable fuel storage and transfer system that meets or exceeds regulatory expectations.

Inspection Services

Our professional Petroleum Equipment Mechanics will inspect and evaluate your fuel storage and transfer equipment for compliance and safety.

Professional Drawings

Our team will produce a complete set of professional drawings and specifications for your new or existing equipment and installation.

TSSA Variance Applications

An installation of equipment or components that does not conform to the regulations requires an application for a Variance to deviate from the Code.  We will assist in the process and cut through the red tape to demonstrate equivalent safety.

Professional Project Management

With a combined 40 years in the industry our professional team has managed numerous projects. Our experience will ensure timelines and budgets are kept without sacrificing quality.  

Cathodic Protection Surveys

You are required by code to have Cathodic Protection Surveys completed on your underground fueling equipment. Underground structures will corrode if not protected.  We will measure and evaluate your underground tanks and piping by analyzing soil to structure electrical potentials and upgrade if required.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We didn’t coin the phrase “be proactive instead of reactive” but we live by it.  A properly maintained system will ensure that your equipment is functioning when you need it.

Private Fuelling Outlets
From turnkey, design build and maintenance, we will provide services for all your private fueling needs.
Under Ground Storage Tanks (UST's)

Underground Storage Tanks are a safe and reliable solution for liquid storage when executed correctly.  We will assist in selecting the correct equipment and material for your needs.

Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST's)

With the many makes and configurations we will provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Spill Containment Management

Flammable and combustible liquid storage rooms require spill tanks to contain spills and firefighting water. We will provide solutions from the collection to storage of liquids.


Waste Water Process

Manufacturing processes that require water processing are complex and have potential costly environmental impacts.  We will provide safe and reliable storage and transfer of waste water including treatment for sanitary disposal.

Product Transfer Equipment

Safe and reliable product transfer equipment is an integral part of fueling systems.  We will provide proven equipment to suit your needs.

Custom Control Panels
Our highly skilled professional electrical technicians will provide a custom solution to your automation and control needs.

Whether it is a partial or complete decommissioning our team is ready to ensure all of your needs are accomplished on time and on budget.

Environmental Remediation

Our many years of experience will provide the best solution to your clean up needs.  From the traditional “dig and dump” to sophisticated state of the art “pump and treat” systems.

Oil Burning Equipment Fuelling Systems

We will design, build and maintain a safe and reliable fuel storage and transfer system for your power generators to boiler appliances.   

Liquid Fuels Handling
Liquid fuels handling is a complex and specialized field.  Our team of Petroleum Equipment Mechanics will provide solutions that meet your needs.
Flammable & Combustible Storage Equipment

It is essential to provide a safe environment for people, property and the environment.  We can provide solutions to meet this requirement and avoid unnecessary exposure for your stakeholders.